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The Official Support Site For
Jason William Goudlock

Thank you for visiting Free Jason Goudlock, a progressive website created in the interest of attaining the liberation of Jason William Goudlock, an over incarcerated, African-American, Ohio “old-law” prisoner. Jason has been confined since November 1993, as a first-time offender, due to having committed the criminal offenses of aggravated robbery and felonious assault. At the time, he was only 17. He is now 48. It is NOT justice that a man has to give his whole life paying for a crime that he committed as a CHILD. He did not rape or kill anyone; many convicted of actual MURDER has served less time. Jason has continued to languish behind bars, watching his whole life ebb away. It's PAST time that he is freed. We MUST rally, aggravate the powers that be, and obtain freedom for Jason Goudlock!

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Jason now has instant messaging capabilities through the GTL Getting Out app. All you need is his prisoner ID Number, 284-561. Sign up and message him today!!!!

He needs your support!! 


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