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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Date: Wednesday,February 9,2022 Time: 4:06 p.m. Location: Toledo Correctional Institution

I want to apologize for not keeping this blog updated, but I have truly been going through a bunch of things mentally, related directly to my current state of over-incarceration. I guess it just takes time for depression to run its course. Then the depression made me mad; so I just had to get re-calibrated all around the board.

I do have some very positive developments to report, though: I gained the incredible support of Shelby and Cody Barnum, as well as the support of their young ones, all whom drew me some amazing pictures that touched my soul and made me feel human!

The Barnum’s, who reside in Washington state, became aware of my situation of injustice by way of reading this blog. They are the founders of the company Roaming Rebels, which is a company that focuses on social justice issues for disadvantaged citizens, such as myself. They are committed to helping me gain my freedom, as well as committed to helping me realize some of my post incarceration goals, such as becoming a motivational speaker.

They’re going to be conducting an interview for me, soon, related to my fundraiser campaign. The interview is going to be attached to an audio uploaded version of my documentary, which will be made available for purchase to the general public, via various streaming platforms. They are committed to getting my story told, as well as stopping the overall unjust practices that are taking place within the Ohio Parole Board. They are also going to be getting some very influential people involved to help me from the cable station FX, which is very encouraging to me!

Besides my freedom, all I ever wanted was to have some “hope,” and the Barnum’s have definitely provided me with this. Even if the Parole Board refuses to do the right thing, at least I know the world is going to know what’s going on in the so-called heartland state of the United States. Nobody is going to be able to hide the egregious injustice that me and thousands of others are being subjected to. The U.S. talks daily about making all kinds of reforms to its broken criminal justice system, yet in Ohio it’s just business as usual. If people are serious about bettering the world, then they need to step up to the plate and make it happen! Talk is cheap, and its discouraging when it never amounts to anything.

At this present time, I truly believe that change can come about. I know that there are proponents and opponents for criminal justice reform. But, right is right! If a person, such as myself, is clearly being over-incarcerated, then this has to be fixed. People can’t be being held in captivity. This won’t do nothing but make people worse off, bitter, and mad. People need to have real hope. I mean, in here, we’re not stupid, and we know what’s real and what’s fake. Like with myself, when I know for a fact that someone is faking, I don’t pay anything they’re talking about any attention. And that’s because I know they’re faking.

I did wrong, and I want people to forgive me, so I have to be willing to forgive people, too.

As a man, there is no way that I can trick myself into believing in something that’s bullshit. But, overall, I’m ready to be positive and productive in society. At times, I’ve been pissed about things related to my injustice and refused to let it go. And although I’m not ready to just let things fall at the wayside, I am ready — to an extent– to forgive certain people, that is, as long as they are willing to move forward past their wrongdoings. I mean, although I didn’t commit all of my crimes, I did do most of them. So, I’m not in here for missing Sunday school. I did wrong, and I want people to forgive me, so I have to be willing to forgive people, too. I just want people to own up to their wrongdoing, and be real. No matter how you look at it, there is no way that I should’ve been in prison this long. I’ve suffered enough, and I’m ready to be productive.

Torturing me isn’t going to benefit anyone.

Currently there are legislative efforts being pushed by various advocacy organizations to reform some of Ohio’s outdated sentencing laws. EPIC (Ensuring Parole for Incarcerated Citizens) and Change Starts With Us, are both working on introducing legislative bills. I am not exactly sure of what the bills fully consist of, but I do know that they are calling for Parole Board oversight, as well as fixing the sentencing disparity between the old-law and the new-law prisoners (i.e. Senate Bill 2;Jul. 1,1996), as well as placing caps on the lengths of some sentences designated as “life.”

In my upcoming interview, I’m going to ask the listeners to support the reform efforts of the two aforementioned organizations,as well as others such as Understand Before You Judge (UBYJ). But, the only way things are going to ever change is if prisoners, their friends and families, and concerned citizens, demand change! We have to put the work in if we want justice. So, I’m asking people reading this blog to support what’s going on. Make phone calls and send emails to find out how you can help, because nothing is going to just magically get done on its own.

The same way people in the past organized and brought about change is the same way it’s going to get done today! So, if you want your loved one to be given a second chance one day, then you have to become active and support the people who are already on the front lines. We have to unite. And we have to put all of our differences aside, and control our egos! Otherwise, nothing is going to get accomplished, which, in turn, only further keeps the over incarcerated held captive longer.

We need hope!

A suggestion that I have is for all advocacy groups in Ohio to schedule regular Zoom conferences to discuss various issues. They should also provide updates via social media and snail-mail letters. Prisoners need to know and see what’s going on. This is helpful with lifting up one’s morale. We need hope! Professor Angela A. Allen-Bell, who teaches law at Southern University Law Center in Louisiana, has also taken interest in Ohio’s old-law injustice. She isn’t able to represent me or the old-law class of prisoners, but she has used my injustice in two of her law classes, and her presence will only serve to help with furthering the agenda of justice. I was able to connect with her, though, by way of mailing colleges a large volume of flyers about my documentary. I suggest that others take the initiative and launch similar outreach campaigns. If we aren’t proactive with our advocacy efforts, nobody is going to ever become supportive of our agenda at hand, which is why I’m constantly making appeals to the media and celeb-activists, such as Jay Z and Kim Kardashian.

That I know of, I only have one life to live, so I’m going to do whatever I can in this cell to get my freedom!

Simply put, though, I want my freedom! And if I have to make large appeals to people to attain my freedom, then so be it. If talking about the media’s coverage of a story (about a comment I made about LeBron James) gets me the attention I’m seeking to raise the public’s awareness about my injustice, then so be it — I will be talking about it! That I know of, I only have one life to live, so I’m going to do whatever I can in this cell to get my freedom!

I can’t just sit back and leave my fate to chance — that is, not when I could be doing something. Some people actually think I’m crazy because I have the audacity to fight for my justice! But, just know that I’m not seeking fame. I’m just an ambitious and intelligent person that wants his freedom.

Nowhere on my birth certificate does it say that the state of Ohio owns me. Therefore, I am going to fight for what is right, and I ask that you please assist me in my efforts. As mentioned above, a fundraising effort for my freedom campaign (and others) is currently being organized. I am going to be seeking to hire legal representation to advocate for my freedom and other old-law prisoners, such as Delanio Wright, who is also featured in the INVISIBLE CHESS:The Jason Goudlock Story documentary. And I’m also going to be seeking to hire an attorney to investigate my actual innocence claims (because I absolutely did not rob the donut shop or Subway sandwich shop that I was convicted of robbing).

In addition to this, I am also going to be seeking to further publicize and promote my slept-on documentary. I actually want to put billboards up for the film all over. When people want to be seen, they put up billboards in Times Square New York, and my situation is no different. I intend, though, to put up billboards in Times Square New York, Cleveland, Columbus, and a bunch of other places. I’m also going to be, soon, enlisting the support of various influential celebrities.

But, for my freedom campaign to be successful, I am going to surely need your support, especially in the social media sphere, where I have made some very significant gains in the past few months. One of my videos, so far, has generated over 70,000 views on TikTok. I firmly believe that I can accomplish everything that I’m seeking to do, but strength is in numbers, so join the cause and support on your social media, and let’s push the views of my film into the MILLIONS!!!! I’m going to conclude this post, but I will be keeping you updated in the near future.

Things are about to get real interesting, though…

Postscript: The Barnums are also helping me release a revised, polished version of my novel, Brother of The Struggle, which I am determined to to turn into a bestseller to show to the Ohio Parole Board. I intend to also turn the book into a movie. So, be on the lookout for it, because it’s coming soon!

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