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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

From the pen of Inmate Jason Goudlock


DATE:Saturday, December 10,2022

TIME:10:43 a.m.

LOCATION:Toledo Correctional Institution

I begin this post by saying that I am happy that Brittney Griner was released from prison in Russia! I'm sure she is going to have a lot to share about her experience once she gets re-acclimated and decompresses some... And, people need to chill hating on her just because she was fortunate enough to get released before other people being held captive in Russia. Her situation is actually going to help Paul Whelan and Mark Fogel get home sooner, because her celebrity status is helping to get a broader audience of people to become aware of their ongoing situations. I'm quite sure many of the haters weren't saying a word about Paul or Mark until they heard about Britney's situation. But, indeed, those men need to have their freedom given back to them!

And speaking of freedom, I need to have my freedom given back to me, too! I'm now serving my 30th consecutive year, and it's due to nothing else except the SUPER-CORRUPTION of the Ohio Parole Board, and the SUPER-CORRUPTION of the Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Correction. ....

I mean, hear it is that there's "documented" evidence that a former Ohio Parole Board member, MARC HOUK, actually filed a false criminal complaint against me yet, nobody on the Parole Board said a damn word about it!

Instead, though, they all acted like nothing happened, and then they gave me two consecutive five-year flops. They just played stupid and acted like they were making the decision to keep me in prison because of my behavior, which is a bunch of bullshit.

The bold CORRUPTION within Ohio's prison system is why I am going to continue screaming to the high-heavens for my justice! I am going to use every angle and creative bone in my body to get some attention about Ohio's CORRUPT Parole Board! If it means I have keep bringing up my name to Brittney Griner and TMZ(by way of my 2014 LeBron James comment) --then I'm going to keep doing it! Because there is no way that the various people involved with the suppression of my injustice should even be employed as Ohio government employees. How do you get to keep your job--and even get PROMOTED like MARC HOUK and MICHAEL JENKINS (whom is, by the way, an "Institutional Inspector") did, when you were 100% CAUGHT framing me?

These liars are just as crooked as the crooked cops and prosecutors that you hear about framing innocent citizens. People have been wrongfully sent to Death Row because of crooked people like MARC HOUK and MICHAEL JENKINS, and yet nobody is saying anything about their criminal behavior.

And, what if these same clowns go on to become elected officials? Are these the kind of people that you want in a position of power over you? And, I want to remind everyone that they're carrying on with their corruption against me ,as well as other prisoners, in spite of there being a real documentary film out that exposed their corruption (See, if you haven't already, "INVISIBLE CHESS:The Jason Goudlock Story")!!!!!!

I recently saw a segment on CourtTV about an investigative reporter, David Biscobing, who has a podcast called "VERIFIED:FULL DISCLOSURE," which highlights stories of innocent people that have been framed by crooked criminal justice employees, and I'm trying to get him to investigate my situation and feature my documentary... He's the kind of person that would love to expose the corruption that's going on in Ohio's criminal justice system, and I'm looking forward to hearing back from him! ... Ohio's Parole Board will have some serious explaining to do, then! And, if he features my case, you can best believe I'm going to continue to use my Brittney Griner/LeBron nexus to catapult and publicize the story of my injustice.

I am fully committed to getting my justice, and I'm not going to ever stop, even if it doesn't fully happen until after I'm released! And every year that I have to continue to fight for justice--it just makes my story that much more compelling. A magazine like Time, Newsweek, or Rolling Stone will wind up telling my story.

Or, perhaps, because of the basketball ties that are linked to my story, maybe even Sports Illustrated (Hey, you never know....).

A few weeks ago, for simply having my cell window covered while I was using the bathroom, I ended up being shot a bunch of times with some kind of non-lethal ammunition by a trigger-happy officer. I was also sprayed by a bunch of pepper spray, and then denied medical treatment by an officer friendly nurse(which was all captured on multiple officer body cameras. ..This incident is just another incident that's being allowed to occur, due to the CURRUPTION of the OHIO PAROLE BOARD. ...

What I don't understand, though, is if Russian president Putin can free Brittney Griner--then why can't Ohio's crooked-ass Parole Board free me? Let that sink in for a second, and then ask yourself what it says about Gov. Mike DeWine's heartland state of Ohio.

I'm going to conclude on a positive note, though, and ask that everyone watch and tell someone about the documentary film "THE COSMIC SECRET", which I recently just watched.

It's a film that the entire world needs to see, which should inspire people to be the very best humans that they can possibly be.


Postscript: I want to say " thank you" to the San Francisco Bay View newspaper for recently publishing my Open Letter To Brittney Griner, which was written and published just days before she was released! My letter proved to be very prophetic!

(Open Letter To Brittney Griner From U.S. Imprisoned LeBron Fan; Nov. 29, 2022 )

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