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A Rage In Toledo

Date: August 27, 2022

Time: Around 6PM

Location: Toledo Korrectional Institution

If you don't want to know the truth about what's going on inside Ohio prisons, or it's super -corrupt parole board, or the state of mind of some of the prisoners who are being outright tortured by the ODRC, then don't read anymore of this posting! But, if you're ready to know the truth, then continue to read.

I write today with 100% rage in my ink pen. I'm tired of being tortured by the ODRC and it's foul-ass parole board. Recently, my brother sent a letter to Governor DeWine about my overall injustice, and in turn the Governor simply passed the letter on to the very same parole board that we have an issue with: the Ohio Parole Board!

See, I hate when degree-holding criminal justice professionals play stupid, like they don't know what the fuck is going documentary, INVISIBLE CHESS: THE JASON GOUDLOCK STORY fully proves that former warden and Ohio Parole Board member MARK HAUK set me up via filing false criminal charges against me, yet no one in Ohio's prison system hasn't said a word about it. They just look the other way and play stupid, and they say FUCK THE JASON GOUDLOCKS in their prisons!

If the Governor KNOWS that MARC HOUK set me up, and then was allowed to DIRECTLY participate in my release consideration hearings, then why would he (the Governor) simply re-direct my brother's letter back to THE VERY SAME PEOPLE who ALLOWED MARC HOUK to participate in my hearings? Anyone can see that THIS IS BULLSIT! This is akin to allowing Donald Trump to conduct his own investigation into his Mar-A-Lago records scandal! No one in their right mind would allow this! So, why is everyone on Ohio's prison system ignoring my injustice, and the overall old-law, pre-Senate Bill 2 injustice? I NOT a human being? Am I not entitled to justice? And, When I read the Ohio and U.S. Constitutions, which both make exceptions me to be, as a prisoner, legally ENSLAVED....these are questions that I really want people to answer!

Recently, on August 21st, after having my dinner tray denied to me, I kicked my cell door completely off the frame and on to the floor. This is something that I've never been able to do, and I am now a strong 47 years of age. And, I say this to let people know that I am NOT FUCKING HAPPY IN HERE! I'm being TORTURED, and my pain is being turned into a RAGE that hasn't been seen since the days of NAT TURNER back in 1831! And, I know a bunch of people would rather for me to lie in the past and say some bullshit-ass, watered down lie, instead of the TRUTH; but when it comes to fighting for my justice and getting MARC HOUK'S and the OHIO PAROLE BOARD'S knee off of my neck, It am going to speak the TRUTH, and nothing BUT THE TRUTH, just like PAUL "MOTHERFUCKING" PIERCE!!

I conclude by asking all REAL advocates of justice to PLEASE support my spoken word album, 216 TO MARCY: A PRISONERS PLEA TO JAY Z, which is available on the links below, as well as all other streaming platforms.

I have faith in the power of influential people that are from the ghettos of America, like me.

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