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Help Jason and Get Kevin “Rashid” Johnson Transferred

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

I almost didn’t write this post, because I don’t really feel that I’m being supported by anyone. Nobody contacts me, or speaks out against the corrupt prison system. If I was to go on a Nat Turner rampage, though, I’m sure there would be thousands of people with something to say then. I just wish people would speak-up, and make some damn noise! I don’t understand how people that talk all of this “justice and equality” talk can just be quiet and act like they don’t know I’m being tortured! I got evidence of all of the bullshit that ODRC and the Parole Board has done to me, and yet, here it is I’ve been in here almost 30 years.

A damn movie is out about this bullshit, and people still ain’t supporting it or me. This is the reason why this crooked-ass system does what it wants; nobody holds them accountable.

Marc “Motorcycle” Houk, the same lying piece of shit in my film, was allowed — after getting busted trying to frame me — to become a warden, again, thanks to a blanket of complicit silence. I just seen in the USA Today, a few weeks ago, some crooked-ass correction officers at Houk’s prison [Chillicothe Correctional Institution] went undisciplined after beating and paralyzing a handcuffed prisoner! The officers actually even bragged about their Houk-like behavior on social media! But, I bet nothing has been done to their boss, Marc Houk.

All of these people that look the other way at the crooked bullshit he and Michael Jenkins did to me — Michael Jenkins is the Inspector at the prison I’m currently in — they should feel a little responsible for the man who was beaten and paralyzed. But, hey, the way this country runs, Marc Houk will probably run for the presidency in 2024, and Jenkins will be his running mate! But, if he does run, I assure you that flyers for my documentary will be circulated more than U.S. currency!

Besides being a modern-day slave, though, I’m in the early stages of revising my book, Brother of the Struggle. It needs to be improved, redesigned, and released again. I need someone to help me secure a one-stop small company that can fix the book and then help me secure an inexpensive distributor. So, if anyone wants to help me help myself, please get in contact with me as soon as possible.

Speaking of my book, one of the typos in it is for a website for revolutionary prisoner Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, who was recently moved to the notorious Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (SOCF), also known as Lucasville. Rahid is currently being harassed and retaliated against for his well renowned writing, drawing, and overall activism against injustice (see his website), and he needs people to call and leave a message with Governor DeWine asking that Rashid be transferred out of SOCF immediately!

Well, this is it for me. I hope somebody will take action on my behalf too, because I’m tired of being tortured by the “old-law”, ODRC, and the Ohio Parole Board.

You can contact Rashid by mail:

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, #A787991 PO Box 45699 Lucasville, OH 45699-0001

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