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Hoop Stars LeBron James And Brittney Griner Receive Gifts From Imprisoned Ohio Writer


Ohio prisoner Jason Goudlock, 39, who recently made international headlines as a result of a comment he made in his September letter to the Ohio Parole Board about Cleveland Cavalier NBA superstar LeBron James, has sent copies of his newly released novel, Brother of the Struggle, to LeBron James and to WNBA superstar Brittney Griner of the Phoenix Mercury.

In his letter to the Ohio Parole Board, Goudlock, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, asked the board to release him so he could, as reported by Cleveland’s FOX 8 News, “witness in person LeBron James’ pursuit of an NBA championship.” Imprisoned since 1994, Goudlock is serving an indeterminate sentence no longer used in Ohio–six to 25 years served consecutively with a nine-year firearm-sentencing enhancement.

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner, an outspoken dunking sensation, who made international headlines of her own when she announced she was gay, publicly opposed Goudlock’s release request to watch James in person. “Put a TV in his cell,” she told TMZ.

Goudlock subsequently was denied parole for a fifth time at his release hearing and given a surprising 60-month sentence continuation, which critics of Ohio’s parole board say was unjust. He has since written to James and Griner (1) to let them know he has sent them copies of Brother of the Struggle. Goudlock, who aspires to work with at-risk youth, asks the two basketball champions to use his book as an “instrument of change” in the lives of youths who risk being swallowed in mass incarceration. Concluding his letter, Goudlock, a promising high school basketball player before he went to prison, challenges Griner to a charity slam-dunk contest when he is released.

Goudlock’s Brother of the Struggle, described as “a powerful story of improbable hope being born in prison,” is available on Amazon.




Download a PDF copy of Hoop Stars LeBron James And Brittney Griner Receive Gifts From Imprisoned Ohio Writer.

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