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Injustice, Book Trailer, and Documentary

August 20, 2017 Time: Late Morning Location: Special Housing Unit, S.O.C.F, Lucasville, Ohio

After being transferred to Warren Correctional Institution at the end of 2016, where unfortunately, I was housed in the prison’s general population with a new-law kleptomaniac prisoner (who has six prison numbers), I’ve been transferred from WCI back to Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville where I’m now being housed in a single-man cell inside of a so-called special housing unit.

The only good thing about my current situation is that I no longer have to be caged in a cell with another person. Besides this, though, I’m still living in a crazy environment. Shortly after arriving at SOCF on June 20, 2017, several inmates conspired to try to throw bodily waste on me because I spoke up for another prisoner who had bodily waste thrown on him by another prisoner … who was given the green light to do it by two corrupt officers. As a result, I ended up having to go on suicide watch to get out of the situation, and to try to get my personal property that I was never given upon arriving at SOCF.

After being on suicide watch for six days, the Mental Health department took me off of watch and agreed to help me try to get my property. When I got off of suicide watch and returned to a new cellblock, I quickly discovered that most of the property I had in my cell before I went on watch was missing. All of my hygienic items, my radio, magazines, my novel that I wrote, and my Mike Tyson book, Undisputed Truth, was gone!

In addition to all of the above madness, until a couple of days ago, for the past few weeks I have been unable to communicate with people due to not having any stamped envelopes due to somebody not turning in my commissary slip. If SOCF hadn’t recently and arbitrarily stopped all Level 4B prisoners from sending and receiving JPay emails, I would’ve been alright. But, SOCF — a super-racist prison — they don’t want inmates to have any support from society, which is kind of crazy considering that prisons make millions of dollars off of prisoners that are provided with financial support by, mainly, supporters who live in society. In the interest of making money, you would think that SOCF would want inmates to be able to easily communicate with the outside world, bot not SOCF. They’d rather just see people miserable.

Speaking of the company JPay, I wonder if they know if Level 4B inmates in SOCF aren’t being given their JPay emails that people in society are paying the company to deliver? I actually like the service that JPay provides to prisoners, although they could bring down the prices on some of their services. But, if JPay is accepting money from people to have emails sent to inmates that aren’t being given their emails, then, something has to be done about this. As the JPay records will show, all Level 4B, 5A, and 5B inmates at other prisons besides SOCF — they all receive and send JPay emails on a daily basis. Therefore, SOCF inmates on the same security status should be allowed to do the same.

The Best for Last

The documentary being produced about my situation of injustice, recently re-titled as “Invisible Chess Match: The Jason Goudlock Story,” is nearing completion (a trailer for the film will be released soon). In just a matter of a few months, or less, the world will be able to learn about the corruption that goes on in Ohio’s criminal justice system. Many people have known for years that I’ve been getting railroaded by Ohio’s crooked system. Instead of them putting a stop to it, they’ve just ignored it and swept it under a rug of deceit. Being that Ohio is a state where police are allowed to get away with killing unarmed citizens (e.g. Tamir Rice and Sam DuBose), it makes sense why Ohio’s powers-that-be don’t give a damn about me. Make no mistake about it, they’re going to have to explain to the viewing audience of the film why they have allowed me to be subjected to the injustice that I’ve been, and continue to be, subjected to.

In addition to the good news about the progress of the documentary, a trailer for my novel, “Brother of the Struggle”, was recently made available. With this being said, I ask that you please support my book and quest for freedom by posting and circulating the book trailer on your social media platform(s), et cetera. Although I’m unable to view the book trailer, I’ve been told that the trailer is very good and I’d love to hear some of your comments about it.

Before I conclude this posting, I would like to remind you that if you wish to contact me, you can only contact me via snail-mail, otherwise I will not be given your correspondence. Additionally, I would also like to ask you to help me get through this difficult time by sending me reading materials that are posted on my website’s Book Wish List (all books must be paperback and CANNOT come from Amazon per SOCF’s crazy-ass policy). Your show of support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading this posting, and until my next update, I shall remain in the struggle.

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