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It’s time to step up!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Date: May 18, 2022 Time: 11:36 pm Location: Toledo Korrectional Institution

Just posting something for the people that really wants to help me with my freedom campaign,et cetera. Although I am definitely an optimistic person, I’ve taken issue with all of these so-called “criminal justice reform” organizations and activists in Ohio who aren’t doing nothing to try and get the old-law sentencing disparity fixed.

For years and years I’ve written letter after letter to various people in Ohio, only to have them sell me a dream about something they’re working on, or just outright lie to me about helping me. These people aren’t doing jack shit to fight against the system! They don’t even put out regular newsletters to keep prisoners updated. We just sit in here hoping that something materializes for us. But, what we really need is comprehensive and energetic organizations of people who are down to fight! I can’t even get anyone to consistently promote my various freedom fighting projects. I call people all the time, too, only to have them not do anything that they just agreed to do.

With this said, though, I just want to ask for people to support my latest interview project, “216 TO MARCY:A PRISONER’S PLEA TO JAY Z,” which is an audio interview album describing my horrific experience as an Ohio old-law prisoner. In the interview, I made it very clear that I was set-up over the years by various prison officials, some whom have worked as wardens and went on to become parole board members. I also express how my documentary, “INVISIBLE CHESS:The Jason Goudlock Story,” never received the proper promoting of the film. People just released the documentary and left it up to chance for the film to become visible to the general public. As a result of this, however, my documentary has not been viewed by a bunch of people, and DRC and the Ohio Parole Board has simply just ignored it and swept it under the rug, hoping that it never gets to see the light of day.

In 216 TO MARCY, I specifically make an appeal to Brooklyn,NY rapper Jay Z, asking him to watch and support my film. I reached out to him due to his ongoing activism against the racist U.S. criminal justice system, as well as due to his past involvement in the producing of the documentary film about the tragic suicide of wrongfully convicted New York citizen Khalief Browder. I also reached out to other influential voices, such as Kim Kardashian and Prof. Michelle Alexander.

Flat out: I’m trying to get people to help me spread the word about my film and interview. So, with this being said, I’m asking all people interested in real justice to please promote, post, and share the various info and links about 216 TO MARCY:A PRISONER’S PLEA TO JAY Z on your various social media platform(s).

It’s 2022 and we cannot allow the egregious old-law injustice to continue to exist! As a first-time offender, I’ve been imprisoned for nearly THIRTY consecutive years, which is some fucking bullshit!

I’m about to wrap this posting up. But, your contribution in this outreach endeavor will be greatly, greatly appreciated. And, please, feel free to write to me. But, only if you are 100% serious about fighting for real justice! This time is starting to really get to me, so I only wish to correspond with people who are down to truly fight for a just cause.

In The Struggle, J.Goudlock

P.S. Here are a few additional suggestions of other people to contact:

  1. Various Hip-Hop music websites

  2. Commercial and Internet radio stations

  3. Sports News websites[because of my TMZ connection to WNBA player Brittnety Griner,and LeBron James]

  4. Morning Radio Shows,such as The Breakfast Club and The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

  5. Facebook and Instagram “Groups” pertaining to any of the above

  6. The fan bases of any influential activists; (7) and Tik Tok

…Also,please ask journalists to write a story about my ordeal and agenda! And,also reach out to other documentary filmmakers who’ve made documentaries about the U.S criminal justice system.

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