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Just Do It Like Kaepernick: Free Jason Goudlock

Two years since first being interviewed for the forthcoming film documentary Invisible Chess: The Jason Goudlock Story, I’m pleased to announce that the feature-length film about my ongoing situation of injustice will be debuting at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival on September 26,2018! (Website:!

Thanks to the release of the film, the entire world is about to see how Ohio’s corrupt criminal justice system operates when it thinks nobody is watching. Elected officials, correction supervisors, and parole board members are all exposed for the deceitful frauds they are. In addition to this, the ridiculous enactment of Ohio’s 1996 new-law sentencing guidelines is highlighted in the film, which causes a sentencing disparity that adversely affects Ohio’s small minority class of “old-law” prisoners who committed their crimes before July 1,1996, such as myself. And the film shows how it hurts “new law” prisoners too.

I hope the release of Invisible Chess will lead to me being freed from my horrific over-incarceration. Being that criminal justice reform is currently a hot-topic kept in the media spotlight by the likes of ex-NFL athlete/activist Colin Kaepernick, NBA superstar LeBron James, filmmaker Ava DuVernay, and reality star Kim Kardashian, I feel the release of the documentary couldn’t have come at a better time. In fact, I hope all of the aforementioned activists will see and support Invisible Chess.

The only way the U.S. criminal justice system is ever going to be fixed is if people demand it. Think about this: Right now as I’m writing this blog post, somewhere in the world the U.S. is engaged in military combat in the name of “justice.” But how can the U.S. expect the rest of the world to view it as a just country, when it refuses time-after-time to afford justice to its own citizens? Right now, today, in the U.S. Constitution, it says people can be “enslaved” as the punishment for a crime! And in the third verse of the U.S. National Anthem, racist lyrics remain for anybody who wants to read them. (I wish someone would ask NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about this seldom reported fact.) And I say all of this to say, that, if “bullshit justice” is allowed to exist in place of bona fide justice, the U.S. is always going to be fractured.

For starters, Ohio, the heartland state of the U.S. — has a chance, right now, to do the right thing and further the interests of justice by fixing its broken criminal justice system. And it isn’t hard to do, either. Like the famous Nike slogan says, all they have to do is “just do it.”

In addition to the announcement of the premier of Invisible Chess, I’m also pleased to announce to the world, that, after nearly 25 years of being incarcerated, I have met the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world: Jerniece McDade! Hopefully, you, and the state of Ohio, will help accelerate our getting more acquainted with one another in society. It would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

Postscript: Please support my campaign to be freed and share Invisible Chess with your social media platforms, as well as by making monetary contributions to my legal defense fund.

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