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Just When I Thought That I’ve Seen It All

February 25, 2016 TIME: 10:05 p.m. LOCATION: General Population, Ross Correctional, Chilicothe,OH

Just when I thought that I’ve seen it all with the Ohio Parole Board,they have shocked me again with one of their unbelievable hearing decisions. I just seen on the ten o’clock news that the Board granted parole to Frank Freshwaters, an elder, recently captured escapee, who, while serving time for manslaughter, walked away from an honor farm back in the 50s.

By no means am I upset that Frank Freshwaters was granted his freedom. In fact, I’m glad that he’s free. What I’m pissed off though, it’s the double standard hearing decision that was rendered.

When I attended my most recent parole hearing in October of 2014, after I presented the Board with undeniable proof that I was assaulted and framed by six lying-ass Mansfield correction officers, as well as framed in an additional incident by one of the Board members, Marc Houk, the Board gave me a five-year continuance. At the time, for the crimes of aggravated robbery and felonious assault, I’d already served nearly 21 years and had been before the Board four previous times.

This same Board has now sent the message in the Freshwater decision that it’s okay to escape from prison while serving time for manslaughter, but for robbery and assault — and NO escapes — you should serve at least 26 years, which is the amount of time I will have served if I go to the Parole Board in 2019.

If they can have compassion for Freshwaters, why can’t they have compassion for me, or all of the other deserving-of-a-parole old-law prisoners? I’ve served over 22-fucking-years, as a first-time offender! What else do these people want from me? Maybe I should escape like Freshwaters and go on the run for 40 or 50 years? Perhaps then I’ll get my freedom and even get to see LeBron and Kyrie win a ring or two for the Cavs!

And since I’m on the subject, I hope that Brittney Griner will rethink her comment she made to TMZ about me not deserving to be paroled. I’m experiencing a horrific experience that can only be rivaled by slavery and an influential voice like hers could help me get the justice that I’m being denied. With the campaign for the old-law billboard getting ready to be publicized, it would be perfect timing for Brittney to post something supportive on the Internet. If she takes the time to read some of the stories on this website, I believe she will clearly see that I’ve been made into a modern-day slave and that I should be free, today!

All kinds of celebrities and media personalities have dozens of comments about how unjust the criminal justice system is for people of color — that is, when an incident is being sensationalized by the mainstream media. But when you’re just a common person in the system, all of a sudden your life doesn’t mean anything. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but how could anyone — besides the Parole Board — want me to still be in prison after doing over 22 years?

I’m going to end on that note, but before I do I just want to salute Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, who recently, after 40 years, won his freedom!

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