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My Brother Needs Help

Monday,February 15,2016 Time: 12:05 p.m. Location: General Population, Ross Correctional, Chillicothe,OH

Besides patiently waiting for the official launching of the old-law billboard campaign,nothing much has been happening with me. It has been so hard to focus on doing just about anything with another person in the cell with me. Everyday while I’m trying to brainstorm on something productive, I have to put up with my cellmate singing commercial jingles every time one comes on. This is what DRC and the stupid Parole Board wants though.

After a long hiatus, I recently heard from my brother who’s a few years older than me, and lives in Georgia. He used to be in the Army, but he now devotes most of his time, as a single parent, to raising his two youngest daughters, and maintaining his health. Right now,he needs a kidney transplant and has to undergo daily dialysis treatment.

A while ago I made the offer to donate a kidney to him, but he responded by insisting that DRC would never allow me to donate a kidney to him because of cost and logistic concerns. I, however, disagree with him, though, and I’m going forward with trying to make the organ donation. I’ve never had an operation outside of getting a few stitches in my hand, but, if given the opportunity, I’m willing to go through with the procedure.

So,if you’re someone that would be willing to help to try to make the organ donation from me to my brother possible, then please contact me with any helpful information that you may have concerning this matter.

DRC and the Parole Board don’t own me, and if I want to donate my kidney to my brother–then I’m going to do it!

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