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Once Again, My Situation of Injustice Has Become a Little More Difficult

August 10, 2016 TIME: Early afternoon LOCATION: Segregation Housing Unit, Ross Correctional, Chilicothe, OH

Once again, my situation of injustice has become a little more difficult.

Approximately two weeks ago, I received the news that the lead judge in my civil lawsuit (Goudlock V. Blankenship, et al) ruled against me and granted Summary Judgement in favor of all the crooked Mansfield correction officers that set me up and assaulted me back in 2013.

My fight for justice, however, is far from over, as I’ve recently filed a Notice of Appeal with the court. And considering that the magistrate judge in my case, prior to the ruling handed down by my lead judge, issued a recommendation that my case should go to trial, I have a decent chance of winning my appeal.

Right after I received word of my unfavorable court ruling, my young new-law cellmate got underneath my skin with his inconsiderate and immature behavior, and, as a result, to get away from him, I returned back to the hole, which is where I intend to remain until I’m let out of prison. That is, unless I’m transferred to a prison that will let me be in a cell by myself. I’ve tried a million times to endure all of the bullshit that comes with living in a general population of new-law prisoners, but I can no longer continue playing what amounts to a high stakes invisible chess match — that is, not with my freedom and life on the line!

Upon returning back to the hole, the following morning at breakfast, a correction officer denied me my food tray because I didn’t take it from the food-slot fast enough. I then started kicking on my door, and a few minutes later the officer used that as his justification to spray me through the food-slot with mace. I was then taken to the infirmary to be clinic checked.

When I was escorted back to my housing unit, one of the officers decided to make up a lie that I said I was suicidal, which is a common tactic that crooked officers use when they want to inflict suffering on a prisoner. I was then taken to another housing unit and placed in a scorching-hot suicide cell. Wearing nothing but a bright orange suicide gown, as an officer sat in front of my cell, so-called monitoring me, I banged on the plexiglass window as hard as I could, non-stop, until they served lunch.

Afterwards, I did the same thing to dinner, and then, again all the way to breakfast! Not surprisingly, before 9:00am that morning, I was taken off of the bogus suicide watch, and returned back to the hole, where I haven’t had any problems since.

While my past six months have been extremely stressful, I did manage to participate in some very productive interviews for the forthcoming film documentary, tentatively titled Old Law Con: The Jason Goudlock Story, that’s being produced about my situation of injustice, as well as the overall discriminatory injustice of the old-law.

From what I’ve been told, in regards to the production of the documentary, significant progress is being made. Several sought-to-be-interviewed individuals have responded to the filmmaker’s request, plus, a trailer for the film is being made too! So, if all goes well, it’s going to be a matter of time before I’m able to get my story of injustice, as well as others’ story of injustice, out to the masses.

This is all for now, though. So, until my next post, please use your social media platforms to spread the word about this blog, and my overall situation of injustice.

Post-script: Shoutout to LeBron and Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving), as well as the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers, for bringing home the title! … All-in, again!

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