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Real Emotions

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Date: July 28, 2020 Time: Evening Location: Toledo KKKorrectional Institution

I make this post with mixed, but real very emotions and frustration. As I wait for my “216 To Marcy: A Prisoner’s Plea to Jay Z” billboard to go up in Times Square, I read in the USA Today that the U.S. has put an offer on the table for Russia to get back one of their prisoners held in the U.S. in exchange for the return of U.S. citizens Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan. This is certainly great for them and their families.

What has jolted me over the past several weeks is the fact that nobody has come to my aid despite my injustice being connected to a 2014 TMZ Sports interview that Brittney Griner gave in response a comment I made to the corrupt Ohio Parole Board about LeBron James.

If I don’t get any support from the media 30 days after this post, I want to be escorted out of this racist country by any appropriate law enforcement ASAP because I HATE THIS COUNTRY!

Several years ago, a fucking feature-length documentary was made about my injustice and approximately 3500 other “old-law” Ohio prisoners, entitled “Invisible Chess: The Jason Goudlock Story”. The documentary shows un-fucking-believable corruption exacted on me by the Ohio Parole Board and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Brittney Griner’s TMZ Sports interview is in it, yet nobody has said a damn word in the media about her interview or my injustice.


Not a damn word, which has pissed me off! And while some might think this post is just me ranting, it’s not. If I don’t get any support from the media 30 days after this post, I want to be escorted out of this racist country by any appropriate law enforcement ASAP because I HATE THIS COUNTRY!

This country’s constitution — without a shred of shame — makes an exception for me to be ENSLAVED via its 13th Amendment. I’m supposed to be some silent, boot-licking Uncle Tom when it comes to this. I’m currently being enslaved in Ohio and nobody is saying a damn word.


I’ve been in prison almost 30 consecutive years as a first-time offender for five aggravated robberies and two felonious assaults. I didn’t even commit but three of the robberies! Has anybody helped me, though? Nope… Not a damn word. I’ve written all kinds of people. Apparently, they felt it was okay for me to stay in this blatant system of racism and corruption.

Well, I can’t take it anymore. I’m currently having my food trays tampered with by a squad of openly racist Toledo officers. These same officers recently coerced an inmate in my unit (B3) to commit suicide (PDF copy of Article). The officers are all covering their tracks right now with the help of other officers, some who are … amazingly … Black! I told detailed facts about the officers corruption to Captain Melissa Patterson (formerly Melissa Cowell), a Black woman, yet she still allowed the racist officers to take my meals.

This is the bullshit we prisoners are being subjected to when people sit on their asses and don’t speak up. A simple sentence posted on social media by someone influential, or the media, could bring about change leading to real justice. But, like I said, motherfuckers won’t say a word. This is why I HATE THIS FAKE-ASS COUNTRY, and I’m ready to leave.

Post-Script: If anyone with integrity knows a lawyer to help me arrange some type of legal presentation to someone in order to help me leave this country via parole / repatriation, please contact me 30 days after this post.

For anyone that is truly concerned about the mental health of prisoners, please promptly contact the State of Ohio Mental Health Board, and the media, about the ongoing mistreatment of prisoners Trevaughn Lucas (#636-677), David Easley (#306-400), and Jerone McDougald (#548-527).

Free Jason Goudlock, old-law Ohio prisoner Free Delanio Wright, old-law Ohio prisoner

-- If anything happens to me, ToCI or DRC had it done! --

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