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Slavery is Alive in Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

September 18, 2017 Time: Late Evening Location: Extended Restricted Housing, S.O.C.F, Lucasville, Ohio

Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing too much of anything lately, except sitting in my cell, fuming, full of rage. Since the end of June of this year, I’ve written over a dozen complaints to try to be given my legal and personal property that I’ve been denied since arriving at this concentration camp. The prison’s racist administration refuses to give it to me. I’ve caught numerous prison employees telling lies about why I can’t have my property, and I’ve presented the evidence to the prison’s Institution Inspector. It’s virtually impossible for me to get any justice, though, because the very people who are responsible for watching out for corruption — they’re corrupt themselves!

All of these people simply go through the motions to make it appear like they’re doing their job with integrity. In reality, however, they’re all either directly or indirectly contributing to the cruel mistreatment of prisoners. Everyday, SOCF prisoners are being beaten in handcuffs, getting framed, being denied mail and reading material, and SOCF’s crooked administration condones it.

While slavery is most definitely alive in SOCF, as it appears, so is prisoner resistance. On Monday, October 2, 2017, the word going around is that hundreds of Security Level 4b prisoners are staging a massive hunger strike to protest not being allowed to receive and send JPay emails since May of 2017. 4b prisoners across the state (including Toledo Correctional Institution and Ohio State Penitentiary), with the exception of 4b prisoners at SOCF, are allowed to receive and send emails.

The tyrants of SOCF, however, refuse to aid the lessening of hardships of their 4b prisoners. What’s crazy about all of this is that SOCF and JPay continue to rake in tens of thousands of dollars off the emails that the supporters of 4b prisoners are being charged to send! If anybody else were to solicit and accept money to provide a service that they knew wasn’t going to be provided, they would be sent to prison! So, how is it that SOCF and JPay are being allowed to get away with outright embezzlement money from the supporters of prisoners? I mean, it’s not like they’re Wells Fargo, right?

Come Monday, October 2, 2017, I hope that SOCF and JPay are held accountable for their criminal actions! If they aren’t, for whatever reason, once my forthcoming documentary is released and hundreds of people, if not thousands, are paying attention to it, I’ll do a follow up post about the issue and post it here. One way or another, though the profiteers are going to be held accountable!

SOCF, in particular, thinks that their corrupt and cruel practices of mistreating prisoners will never be halted or exposed to the general public, but they’re wrong! In due time, true justice is going to prevail over evil.

On that note, I’m going to conclude this post, but not my fight for justice and freedom … Thus, the struggle continues!

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