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The Birth of Proof: May 19, 1925

The following work of poetry, The Birth of Proof: May 19, 1925, was written during my confinement at the Ohio State Penitentiary while I was being housed in the super-maximum security wing of the prison. Of all the poetry that I’ve ever written, this poem is my favorite. One day, with the blessings of the estate of Malcolm X, who is the subject of this particular work of poetry, I would like to turn the poem into a poster and utilize it as a tool to raise funds for a charitable cause of the estate’s choosing.

The Birth of Proof: May 19, 1925 by Jason Goudlock For those whom criticize society’s downtrodden and stereotype the impoverished as a class of undesirable, and dirty-rotten failures, whom will never amount to nothing …. Malcolm Little once felt the claustrophobia of the taxing-cold prison walls, yet he triumphed and emerged as Minister Malcolm X, magnetically attracting international respect. Through the radiant potency of his words—synonymous with inspiration—he revolutionized the hearts and minds of a then unborn “X” generation. His seeds of redemption pollinated the grassless landscapes of the inhabitants of poverty which, ultimately, germinated and grew into a harvest of self-sufficiency, rooted in struggle. Now, who would have ever thought the convict, known as Detroit Red, would end up being immortalized as our black “shining Prince!” when his eulogy was read? May his legacy remain as a pillar of undeniable proof that redemption can be manifested, by anyone, when opportunity is introduced.

Downloads: Download a PDF copy of this poem.

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