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We’re Going to Need a Bigger Rug

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Date: June 16, 2019 Time: 5:23 am Location: Toledo Korrectional Institution

My interview album “216 TO MARCY:A PRISONER’S PLEA TO JAY Z” was recently released on iTunes and Spotify, yet countless people have chosen not to assist the project. I need money for everything, but people still refuse to help me. And they also refuse to send me any money when I need it. I can’t do anything without money in here. Nevertheless, though, I’m expected to some-kind-of-way keep being upbeat and productive.

I’m in here fighting for real justice, but nobody is helping me with a sustained effort. Not a word has been uttered to DRC or the Parole Board about their undeniable corruption and over-incarceration of old-law prisoners. All of this talk about being concerned about people’s mental health–it isn’t being considered in my situation. It’s just fuck me. … I don’t even exist in this modern day slave trade.

They would rather try to keep everything swept under their rug of corruption–at the expense of my freedom!

I’m expected to just endure whatever. Well…I hope people realize that you are making me enraged. You are making me bitter beyond any words of description, and I want the world to know the way I feel. My life is being stolen! … The same way Blacks had their lives stolen during pre-reconstruction slavery, my life is being stolen just the same…and nobody is doing anything about it.

Is anybody going to stand up to this bullshit in Ohio? If I were a Labrador retriever all type of people would be raising hell. …Well, this is why I’m trying to get the help of someone influential like Jay Z. This is the reason I’ve tried to use the LeBron James angle since being covered in the media in 2014. … Nobody has said a word, though. But, look now at all of the people rushing to the aid of WNBA superstar Brittney Griner? I feel just as mad as she does–times a billion! TMZ has nothing to say now. But, in spite of being treated like a slave–I’m still trying to keep up my fight for my freedom, as well as others.

I’m also pissed about–all of a sudden–being ignored by former old-law prisoner Norman Whiteside, who refuses to answer my calls. I mentioned him in a good light in my interview album, but he won’t even pick up the phone when I call. …I supported his organization when he was in prison–that is, the Universal Support Network, but none of them has supported any of my efforts. I was once viciously assaulted while helping to organize one of his parole board protests, when he was still fighting for his freedom. But, here it is, now, I can’t get any help. Absolutely nothing. …And before somebody tries to make up some bullshit-ass excuse, I’ve never said a bad word about the man. I’ve done nothing but try to network with him,being that he knows all kinds of politicians and celebs…but he still has refused to help me, which has pissed me off.

See, I truly believed in all of that freedom fighting talk he used to talk about in his Sizzler newsletters. Now, though, I feel stupid as hell! I feel manipulated and used. I mean, my body of work proves that I’ve been dedicated to fighting for justice.

But, like I said–I’ve been left for dead in here. Almost 30-fucking-years in here, and I still can’t get any justice! I didn’t even commit all of the robberies I’m in here for, either! But…nobody cares. Justice don’t mean shit for me. I’ll provide any DNA sample for anybody, too! I ain’t rob no fucking doughnut shop, or no Subway sandwich shop, yet I still can’t get anyone to investigate my claim.

I figured that if nobody would help me fight against the old-law sentencing disparity, that at least somebody would help me prove my innocence? But, I couldn’t even get Norman Whiteside to help me do this…and he said was OVER TWO YEARS AGO!

This is why I try so hard to get my justice by any means necessary. I try with all of my might because I don’t want to get caught up in this system. I don’t want to get anymore false charges filed against me by former parole board members, like Marc Houk! And for all of the people over the years who have tried to act like my claims against Houk were made up, Ohio State Highway Trooper David Simpson stated everything in his 2006 investigative report! The Mahoning County, Ohio then-prosecutor also validated my claims in the investigative report too! But, nobody wants to speak on this. They would rather try to keep everything swept under their rug of corruption–at the expense of my freedom!

This is why I need Jay Z’s, or Kim K’s help.

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