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Letter Writing Campaign For Jason Goudlock

A letter writing campaign for Jason Goudlock has started. I'm asking ALL SUPPORTERS of Jason to write the Governor of Ohio, Mike Dewine. Jason has been overly incarcerated FAR TOO LONG. Regardless of what mistakes he made at the tender young age of 18, he doesn't deserve to continue being locked up like an animal. He didn't kill or rape anyone; he was just a kid who participated in a very stupid act. In fact, his conviction was a FIRST TIME OFFENSE. #jasongoudlock must be freed NOW!!!! Below is a copy of my letter that you may use as a template, along with information on how to reach Governor Dewine. We must bombard the governor's office on a minimum of a weekly basis until there is a response. If you care about Jason, or you have a relative that is suffering a similar injustice, or you know of someone going through this (as African Americans in racist America, we ALL know SOMEONE) you MUST participate. 




Governor Dewine,

I’m writing this letter on behalf of my brother, Jason Goudlock Inmate ID 284561, an inmate in your state. Jason is incarcerated at the Toledo Correctional Institution. He’s been locked up for 30 years; he’s been denied parole 6 times. Here’s the issue. When Jason was incarcerated in 1993, he was given his sentence under the old Ohio laws. In 1996, your state changed the laws, but Jason and thousands like him were not switched over retroactively. As a result, a second class of inmates were created, old law versus new law. Jason has been denied parole 6 TIMES. The circumstances behind this are questionable, since one of the parole board members (Marc Houk) was a former warden who has been investigated for corruption, and has a personal history with Jason. But that’s besides the point. Because of the disparity in sentencing, Jason has spent 17 YEARS incarcerated BEYOND what your current state law REQUIRES for a first time offender. And that’s assuming that he was given the max sentence. This is a gross injustice to Jason and all inmates like him. Here is a copy of your states’ current statutes.


Statutes Ohio Revised Code Title XXIX. Crimes Procedure Section 2911.01 & Section 2911.02

Charges Aggravated Robbery (Section 2911.01): It's a first degree felony to do any of the following while attempting to commit or committing a theft offense, or fleeing immediately after the attempt or offense:

 • Have a deadly weapon and either show the weapon or use it;

 • Have a dangerous ordnance; or

 • Inflict, or attempt to inflict, serious physical harm on another.

Robbery (Section 2911.02):

 • It's a second degree felony to have a deadly weapon or inflict, attempt to inflict, or threaten to inflict physical harm on another while committing or attempting to commit a theft offense, or fleeing after the offense.

 • It's a third degree felony to use or threaten the immediate use of force against another while committing or attempting to commit a theft offense, or fleeing after the offense.

Penalties Conviction under Ohio's robbery laws can result in imprisonment and fines:

 • First degree felony: prison term of 3 to 11 years and fines not exceeding $20,000.

 • Second degree felony: prison term of 2 to 8 years and fines not exceeding $15,000.

 • Third degree felony: prison term of 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, or 36 months and fines not exceeding $10,000


As governor, this disparity, should alarm you. Essentially, your state is literally ENSLAVING  old law inmates who have paid their debts to society many times over. It’s not right. I’m requesting the IMMEDIATE RELEASE  of my brother with time served. We have already established a website, as well as a documentary highlighting the inequities of Ohio’s system of rehabilitation. We plan to go further, making this a national issue. But as governor, you have the power to right this injustice now. I hope that you will do what needs to be done. Thank you.

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