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Ohio Inmate Tells Parole Board He Wants to ‘Witness’ LeBron James’ Championship Qu

After serving nearly 21 years for robbery and assault, in a recent letter sent to the Ohio Parole Board, Ohio inmate Jason Goudlock, at the conclusion of outlining the reasons why he should be released at his upcoming parole board hearing, told the Ohio Parole Board that he wanted to be granted a parole so that he could “WITNESS, in person, LeBron James’ pursuit of a NBA championship.”

Goudlock, a first-time offender from the longing-for-a-professional-championship-city of Cleveland, Ohio, whose story of imprisonment was recently featured in a Huffington Post article (Is Rehab Possible in Our Prisons? by William Nichols) (1), posted his letter to the Ohio Parole Board on (2), a progressive website geared primarily toward securing the freedom of the Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

Ironically, LeBron James’ redeeming decision to return with his talents back to Cleveland might lead to the redeeming return back to society of Jason Goudlock.

For Jason’s sake, let’s just hope that the members of the Ohio Parole Board aren’t Miami Heat fans!



  1. Old-Law Inmate Jason Goudlock’s Letter to the Ohio Parole Board.


Download a PDF copy of Ohio Inmate Tells Parole Board He Wants to ‘Witness’ LeBron James’ Championship Quest.

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