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To All My Supporters

March 13, 2017 TIME: 10:50am LOCATION: Segregation Housing Unit, Warren Correctional, Lebanon, OH

To all the supporters of this blog, I sincerely apologize for my lengthy hiatus of not posting anything. Unfortunately, I have been extremely depressed and was just unable to find the strength to get on track. After recently reading Mike Tyson’s inspirational autobiography Undisputed Truth, however, I found the motivation to start back writing essays, as well as material for this blog.

The spell of depression that I went through stems from my current situation of being excessively imprisoned, as well as wrongfully imprisoned for one of the robberies I was convicted of, that is, the robbery of a fucking donut shop, on a street that I hadn’t stepped a foot on since years before the alleged robbery! I still don’t understand how I allowed myself to be manipulated into pleading guilty to bullshit that I know I didn’t do. I feel so stupid. But, besides this, I have been extremely bitter towards the Ohio Parole Board and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, who, for years, have just blatantly ignored the injustice that I’ve experienced. They just don’t give a fuck.

What is driving me to keep fighting even harder today, though, is the fact that, soon, by way of the film documentary that’s currently being produced about my situation of injustice (Old-Law Con: The Jason Goudlock Story), Ohio’s prison system is going to have to explain why they’ve ignored (as well as participated in) the injustice that I’ve been subjected to. Indeed, the world is going to see how the state of Ohio’s insulated-from-the-public corrupt prison system functions behind closed doors! And if they choose to retaliate against me in some kind of way, then, so be it. I only have one life to live, and I refuse to spend it allowing someone to trample on me. These motherfuckers are making me do the time anyway, so I might as well do my very best to expose them to the world for the bullshit they’re doing to me, as well as others. Although I’m most certainly caught-up in Ohio’s system of slavery-by-another-name, I refuse to conform to it.

In other happenings with me, I’m still fighting to try and win my lawsuit (GOUDLOCK V. BLANKENSHIP, et al) that I filed in 2013 against the proven-to-be-corrupt Mansfield officers who Rodney Kinged me and then covered it up. Although I’ve been denied access to legal materials by my prison’s lazy-ass library staff, I’m doing my best to litigate against the defendants’ government legal team, whom, by the way, don’t give a fuck about justice either, that is, unless the definition of justice is: “to allow all police and correction officers to lie under oath, frame, assault, and kill anyone, at will.” But, regardless which way the appellate court rules on my case, my documentary has footage that clearly proves all of the defendants falsified their accounts of what happened during the incident, as well as footage that the prison’s administration helped cover-up the officers’ illegal acts.

A revised and redesigned second edition of my novel is set to be released soon, along with a book trailer! Once it’s released, I ask that you please support the book and the video trailer on your social media platforms. Your show of support will ultimately help me in my fight for my freedom.

In closing, I just want to say that it has taken a long time, but the tide is surely getting ready to turn for the better!

On a mission, in the struggle,

Jason Goudlock

Post-script comment on 2016 election: I was a little surprised that Donald Trump won the election, but I understand why he won: For many years, career politicians have done nothing but lie to the voting public and cater to the interests of Wall Street elites. After being duped one too many times, a large number of the voting public simply got fed up. The Clinton brand, from a moral standpoint, was already a tarnished brand due to the scandalous past behavior of former president Bill Clinton. So, once Hillary Clinton’s lies were dug up and magnified, they turned voters away from her. Had Bernie Sanders won the nomination of his party, which he almost did in spite of his own party working against him to sabotage his campaign, I firmly believe that he would have defeated Trump. The Democratic Party failed to realize that the reign of the status quo had already ended when Trump won the GOP nomination, and, in my opinion, that’s why they lost. I don’t agree with Trump’s politics, and I don’t think he knows what he’s doing. But as long as he doesn’t confuse his Twitter password with the nuclear launch codes, the U.S. will make it through to the 2020 election, which, ultimately, should produce candidates who are trustworthy and qualified enough to be the president of the U.S.

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